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  1. User defined Categories of employees.
    • Each Category can have different logic for calculation of various heads.
    • Reports available individual category wise as well as consolidated.
  2. User defined heads of Earning & Deduction.
    • The user can decide the number of earning & deduction heads.
  3. No limit on number of Categories of employees.
  4. No restrictions on number of Earnings & Deduction heads.
  5. Complex Formula builder for any head.
    • Each head can be a direct data entry field or a field, which is automatically, calculated using a predefined formula.
    • The formula can be simple or complex.
  6. User defined Analysis fields at Employee level.
    • Any employee can be classified under various type of analysis For eg.
                i. Department
                ii. Mode of Payment
                iii. Designation etc.
  7. Leave Balance / Loan Balance Module
    • The system has the facility to maintain Leave Balance module
    • There is also a provision to maintain Loan balance. The system will bring the monthly installment automatically to be deducted from the salary.
  8. User defined Pay Sheet / Pay Slip Format.
    • The user can define the format of Paysheet & Payslip.
  9. PF / ESIS report as per government rules
  10. User defined Report Module
    • The user can define infinite number of reports with the column specifications as per his requirement.
  11. Multiple Sort/Group Option in all the Reports.
    • All the reports can be grouped on various group-sort criteria like
                i. Department wise
                ii. Employee wise
                iii. Month wise
  12. Automatic Arrears Calculation Module
  13. Income tax Calculation & projection module
    • The system has the provision to calculate the tax liabilities using the data of already earned salary. This is the tentative figure, which has to be cut every month.
    • Form 16 can be printed at the end of the year.

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